We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close…

A bowl of chips resting on a glass table cooling down.

The deets


Leo's Takeaway

Where is it?

Raymond Terrace

Visit date

26th May 2021

Leo’s Takeaway in Raymond Terrace is an unassuming looking place on the high street but hiding within lies some of the greatest chippies we have yet to try on our journey for British chippy chips. Let’s get into it.

First off, they’re the correct size for a¬†British chippy chip. Nice and square, not too long or too short. You get an absolute behemoth of a portion for $4 that you will have to share with others you live with. They are given to you, so, so hot that you have plenty of time to get home with them wrapped in paper (oh yes, we’re that close to British chippy chips) which in turn gets them a little softer and closer to the chips in our end game. The only hurdle they fall at is that they are crispy. So crispy. Not like a chippy chip where it sort of has a light crisp and a soft inner, just a full on crisp. Which is actually great, these are some of my favourite chips but they’re not what we are looking for exactly. They are on the verge though. So close. The first time I had them I opted for regular salt so I could try with vinegar but alas, it was not meant to be. On subsequent visits I’ve opted for chicken salt and the experience has been divine.

A very well done to Leo’s.

Orson Krenic saying we were on the verge of greatness from Rogue One.