Why make a hot chips club?

Short answer? I got bored and I was eating a lot of chips during lockdown so I thought I’d give myself a project. Build a little reviews website and try to find some chippies that cure me of my homesickness. I’m an Englishman abroad in Australia looking for chips that resemble chips from a chippy in his homeland.

Now onto some little explainers…

What is a British chippy chip?

I suppose certain people like certain things back home. But what we’re looking for here is a soft, fluffy chip with a tiny bit of crisp to the outside. Just enough to give it some form, not enough to make it rigid. I suppose there are chippies in Britain that do make crispy chips but I can tell you right now, they’re wrong.


Each portion of chips is judged on chip size, quality and its closeness to a portion of British chippy chips.

1. Chip Size

Are the chippies a good size? Higher score indicates a favourable size, not too big or thick, not too small or thin.

2. Chip Quality

Are the chips good quality? Are they a good potato? Cooked well? You get the idea.

3. Proximity to a British Chippy Chip

Are the chippies close to a British chip shop chip? Higher score is closer to British, 10/10 would be a British chip shop from Britain.


All the chips on the Hot Chips Club are tasty and delicious chips. I won’t put bad chips on here as that wouldn’t be fair.