Surprise chips whilst whale watching

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Anna Bay

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14th June 2021

Me and my girlfriend decided to go whale watching in Boat Harbour (sadly after this we missed most of the season due to a lockdown) but on the way it was lunch time and sensing an opportunity to try some more chippies we stopped at a takeaway called LJ’s.

With these chips I learned that looks can be deceiving. When we got to the rocky outcrop to watch the whales I opened the chippy box to discover that they were quite pale and assumed the worst – that they were soggy. Fortunately though they were as crispy as anybody’s business. Extremly crispy. So right off the mark, we’re not getting the British chippy chip but we continue because we love all chips. The medium portion size I ordered was more than enough chips and the carton was so full it had to be taped closed with sellotape. I still wolfed them down like no tomorrow. The chips were also weirdly moorish and I can’t put my finger on why. There was also a nice bottom layer of crispy chip shards, the chippy gold dust. Like many an Aussie chip they’re somewhere between a fry and a regular chip so aren’t really that close to a chippy chip.

Sadly I didn’t take a photo of theses ones. I got too distracted by marine mammals.

Guest comments

"Very moorish. Disturbingly greasy but still tasty - bring a wet wipe. Too salty."

My girlfriend

My response

I think she got maybe the bottom of the same batch as me as mine weren't overly salty. I tried hers afterwards and my mouth sucked in on itself like a black hole.