Really good chips

Chips and some barramundi on a plate with some tartare sauce (yuck)

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The Kingfish

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15th December 2022

For my birthday this year we ventured out to a real restaurant but since I’m still immune compromised and there’s still a pandemic on I settled for The Kingfish as it has a nice outdoor/indoor area with lots of air. I was not expecting this to be a chippy chippy with good hot chips and had half hung up my hot chips boots after discovering Vinny’s but these chips were great and very much so on their way to being a chippy chip.

The only real thing holding these chips back was the texture – they were on their way to be so soft but they had a little crisp firmness to the outside that prevented them from a closeness to British chippy higher than an 8. Everything else was down pat*. Good size, good quality, amazing taste.

Thumbs up to The Kingfish. Go and get some chips **

Weird video game referee with arm twisting thumbs up

* Really trying hard to integrate with my language here.
** The fish was very good too but I of course cannot mark them on this.

Guest comments

"Generous portions, must have been right before the potato shortage. I did like them, they had good salt on them."

My girlfriend

My response

Can confirm - was good salt. Also the struggle is real, there is a hot chip shortage right now.