Oh my god it’s so, so close!

The chippies on some paper (yes, paper)

The deets


Glebe Takeaway

Where is it?

The Junction

Visit date

30th June 2021

The Glebe Takeaway is a chippy revelation.

The chips are chunky. They are crispy but just the right amount. They are moorish. The restaurant uses a delightful chicken salt. These chippies are just… perfect. They have certainly pipped Leo’s to the post out of the chippies I have sampled so far.

If they were just the tiniest bit softer and covered in salt and vinegar these could be the chippy chips. I have returned multiple times but each time I have wussed out of ordering regular salt as I just don’t want to be let down by bringing them home and putting vinegar on. I will be brave soon and update the scoring below to acknowledge the fact.

Sigrid from Fire Saga looking excited