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The chips resting on the paper they wrapped in.

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Vinny's Takeaway Georgetown

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13th July 2022

I’ve known about the existence of Vinny’s for almost a year now – someone on a Facebook group said that they had chips like English ones. But I’m never really over by Georgetown that often and I’m not one to believe hype so I’ve not had them. Well, after me and my girlfriend had been to the gym last night (I know) we were near and I was feeling lazy so Vinny’s happened. WHY HAVE I PUT IT OFF SO LONG? They are exactly what I have been craving these past two years and as a bonus, the sausages taste just like British chippy sausages and are double the size.

The chips on a plate with a monstrous sausage

I nearly cried when I started eating these chips since it’s been two years since I’ve had anything resembling them. They were the perfect consistency – a little soft, a little firm. They were the right colour. They had formed into a clump of chips in the paper on the way home which I believe is a sign of a good chippy. A crispy dry chip would not allow this to happen. The chip shop had salt and vinegar and popped them and oh god it just made them even better.

In terms of my rating system these are nearly a full on, perfect 30. I had to take one point off on chip quality to allow for a potential future god chip but also they were a bit greasy. I can’t complain too much but if I had to fault them anywhere, that’s where it would be. I would 100% keep going back to this chippy for as long as I live relatively nearby.


Of course I can’t award extra points for non-chip things but the sausage was a gargantuan masterpiece and the man who served us, perhaps Vinny himself, was a wonderful character and very charming even if I was called a pommy after outing myself as an English person.

Emma Stone weeping with happiness.

Guest comments

"They were deliciously soggy in a good way. Just very good. "

My girlfriend

My response

She's spot on. Tried to influence her into making a large sausage joke but she wouldn't have any of it.