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Delicious chippies in a cardboard container

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Basement on Market

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2nd April 2022

I will preface this by saying these chippies would never have made the criteria for being a British chippy chip BUT I DON’T CARE, I’m putting them on here anyway.

They are delicious skin on chips and they have been cooked perfectly. So cripsy and so fluffy. They also have something Italian on them, a herb of some sort but I’m uncultured so definitely couldn’t tell you which one. Like I said before they’re somewhere between what I will henceforth call a restaurant chip and a fry not a chippy chip but you know, they were a good size so I’ve rated them well there. If you’re into dipping it comes with a green aioli (the green is pesto which I can’t eat anymore 😭). I feel like finding proper chip shop “vinegar” will never happen over here but these chippies wouldn’t have benefited from it anyway.

I suppose the second most important thing about trying to find British chippy chips is that the chips taste good and these hands down are up there as some of the best tasting chippies I’ve eaten.

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"Always crispy. That is all."

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She's not wrong