My go to sympathy chippies, how do they fair?

A red box of chippies in my hands

The deets


66 Degrees Cafe

Where is it?

Darby Street

Visit date

12th May 2021

Unfortunately I have to get blood tests a lot. And I sometimes have to go to physio if my back gets a little tight. They’re in the same building and often when I leave I am feeling in need of a little pick-me-up which is where 66 Degrees Cafe comes in. They’re nestled near the building and on my way home. It would be rude not to treat myself to some chips.

I’ll start by describing these chips as possibly the hottest hot chips I’ve ever eaten. Any time I’ve been they’ve been so fresh and I’ve been so greedy that I without fail will burn my mouth. I won’t hold this against them as any normal person would exercise self restraint. So they’re hot, that’s a good thing. You can get a decent sized portion for $7 which would definitely be enough for most people or even for two to share. They’re a good sized and good quality chip with a medium sized cut and at the bottom you get some smaller ones and some little crispy shards which are always a nice little treat. I’ve given them a 6 for they’re similarity to a British chip. The thickness and softness of a chippy chip just isn’t there. You’ve got a choice of chicken or regular salt and since they’re not close to a chippy chip I always go chicken salt. I’m trying to save salt and vinegar for “the ones” whenever that happens.

Guest comments

"Mmm they’re very filling. Some of the soggier ones are verging on being chippy chips."

My girlfriend

My response

She is trying to get into the spirit but she is wrong.