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Shakespeare Hotel

Where is it?

Surry Hills

Visit date

28th December 2023

Reader, we were in Sydney recently and we came to our usual evening impasse – where shall we eat? Sydney is awash with quality dining establishments and a lot of fusion restaurants but we weren’t really feeling that. My partner stumbled across a hotel in Surry Hills that sort of looked like it was trying to be British and it was named after our man William Shakespeare so we thought “what the heck” and jumped onto the light rail.

When we arrived I wasted no time in a) singling out in my mind whether people were English or not * and b) that I wanted chips so I set to mind getting Thea to order Fish and Chips for me (Thursday night special too).

The food arrived and the chips were thin, crispy restaurant chips. I was delighted because it’s been a while since I had chips. You know the sort though, the kind you get in a fancy restaurant that are a high quality fry more than a chip. They were cooked very well, not at all greasy and I got a generous amount. They were all good size with a few crunchy shrapnels provided (10/10 chip bits) and perfect crunch for that sort of chip. This does mean however that the chips were not like a chippy chip from back home but to be honest, did I want to feel full to the brim and like I couldn’t move when I had to spend the rest of the day getting around? No, no I didn’t. So a rare-win for a non-British chip.

I can’t give extra points for it but they were of course accompanying a British classic, fish, even if it isn’t cod and most likely some sharky fish instead.

Wilfred Mott of Doctor Who fame saluting in front of a Union Jack

Shoutout to the place for really going for the English vibe. It was much appreciated 💯

* I was five for five on the people I thought were English.

Guest comments

"Looked a little on the pale side, urm, but a surprisingly tasty chip"

My girlfriend Thea

My response

She’s doing a Catchphrase and saying what she sees but she’s on the money