Can moorish chips and glances of dolphins convince this Englishman?

A delicious box of chippies and tomato sauce being held in front of the ocean.

The deets


Merewether Surfhouse Cafe

Where is it?

Merewether Beach

Visit date

3rd May 2021

What better place to start than one of my somewhat local chip emporiums (and one of the few places that I can actually walk to in this city)? I’m not much of a writer but I know that we have to really fill out these sorts of sections with bombastic text to intrigue the readers so… yeah. Fun fact – in this post, that dynamic bit of text is the explainer for itself so you know what’s what going forward. Anyway the Surfhouse is positioned right next to the Merewether Baths and comprises a cafe, pizzeria/takeaway window and a full on restaurant upstairs and it’s pretty popular as far as I can tell. 10/10 recommend going there even for not chips. Also I saw some dolphins in the ocean whilst eating these chippies however I can’t award extra points for the majesty of nature.

Let’s move onto the chippies themselves. They were cooked fresh and steaming hot so no complaints there and they came covered in… something. I don’t think it was chicken salt as it seems to have a bit more kick but definitely tasty whatever it was. I opted to get some tomato sauce with mine (Australians do not like the word ketchup) but other times I’ve had a banging aioli that comes with. They are a good quality chippy, no stubby littles ones, and some mind-bogglingly long ones. They’re crispy on the outside but soft on the inside which is what we want but in terms of British chippiness they are a bit too crispy really and realistically they’re closer to something between a fry and a steak cut chip. You’ll definitely want to buy or bring a drink with you as they were quite salty. All in all though they were delicious even if not hitting the mark in the quest for chippy chips and I have often gone back for more, sometimes with their delicious fish.